Why Akamai

Akamai is the Hawaiian word for clever, or smart. At Akamai we are smart enough to know that computers are supposed to work for us.

Unfortunately, business owners today often spend too much time trying to figure out their computer systems. Akamai can help shift this balance, getting the computers to support the business.

Computers were invented to do repetitive tasks for us, so that we could get on with our real business. We shouldn’t struggle under the burden of emails or with the monumental task of getting our business message to our customers. Akamai can help streamline communications and make the your web presence simple and effective.

Low Maintenance:

  • At Akamai we are happy to offer technical support and maintenance to our customers…but our passion is creating, not maintaining. We make computer systems and web sites that work for you.
  • Our goal is to create a system or site that lets you focus on your business, and forget about the complexities of running a website, or keeping internet stations working.
  • Akamai systems and solutions are designed to run with as little support as possible. Minimal maintenance, maximum use!


  • Our websites stand out to your customers. We make attractive websites that are functional and easy to find in the complexity of the internet.
  • Akamai sites are optimized to be quickly accessed by search engines and social websites.
  • We pride ourselves on creating websites that are light, quick and good-looking!


  • We have a great set of tools, and we’re proficient with them.
  • We won’t be re-inventing the wheel on your budget.
  • Our solutions are cost effective and efficient.


Contact us to discuss how Akamai can serve your business!